Oral and Nasal Swabs

Product Introductions


Rapid detection of the total number of bacteria on the surface of objects or water samples, high sensitivity, good repeatability, simple, in the food hygiene, environmental protection and other industries have a wide range of applications.

II. Detection Theory

After the sample is collected by the water sample collector or cotton swab, ATP is released by the action with the bacterial lysate or virus in the swab, and luciferase catalyzes the reaction of ATP and luciferin to give off light. ATP concentration is quantified by detecting the luminescence value in the luminescence system.For living microorganisms, there is a good linear relationship between the luminescence value and the content of living microorganisms due to the relatively constant level of ATP


1. Nylon flocking technology is adopted to absorb samples more quickly

2. Fold point design, let the swab easily break and into the tube, more convenient to operate

3. Maximum sample elution and transfer, especially the collection of trace DNA samples

4. Special treatment with antibacterial agent to prevent microbial contamination

5. Steilized, DNA & RNA free Non-pyrogenic, non-toxic, GMP standard production, individually wrapped packaging, ensure reliable results

6. No necessary to dry the samples again, because of the strong antibacterial effect, the sample does not need to dry, can be directly transferred to the tube, can withstand more humid conditions

VI. Descriptions

1. Three types of swabs as below:

· Cat# SGO-3-L: Oral Flocked Swabs with larger tip (folded break point is at 75px, the total stick length is 375px)

· Cat# SGO-3-S: Oral Flocked Swabs with smaller tip (folded break point is at 75px, the total stick length is 375px),

· Cat# SGN-8: Nasal Flocked Swabs (folded break point is at 200px, the total stick length is 375px)

2. Material: stick is made of ABS, tip end is nylon flocked

3. Individually wrapped package

4. Sterilized

5. Packing unit: Individually wrapped, 500pcs/bag, 10,000pcs/carton


1. Products are sterilized according to ISO13485 standard.

2. For each lot, sterilization records are recorded and signed off by qualified personnel  

for product release.


Bio-Seen Brand products are manufactured completely according to the TUV ISO 9001:2008 standard.

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